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From the initial idea to the finished product, we are driven to produce high quality products that meet our customers requirements. Arcade Flat Pack was formed out of a love of retro gaming and the desire to supply retro arcade systems to customers wishing to relive the arcade memories of the past or to have a different type of gaming experience from todays consoles. Quality, easy of assembly and excellent backup/support make these kits a natural choice for those wanting a retro gaming experience  
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See the XL Arcade Bar Top Flat Pack being assembled

The above video shows one of our most popular kits being assembled from start to the finished product - note the quality of the design and the accuracy of the fabrication of the different parts of the kit.  Designed and produced by time served engineers and craftsmen using high quality construction techniques this is shown in the quality of the finished product.
Quality Arcade Cabinets
Quality Arcade Cabinets