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Pi Arcade Joystick and Control Panel Kit (Flat Pack)

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The Arcade Flat Pack Arcade Joystick and Control Panel Kits are designed to give a realistic arcade  experience in your own home.  Features include:  Integrated hinged base allows easy access for wiring etc, stands easily on a desktop or  table. Price includes T-Slot (not shown)  Holes for Start, Credit, Menu, and Six play buttons per player.  Easy to assemble includes all fastenings (Marine grade stainless steel).  Fits most standard buttons Fits Zippy Style Joystick (includes fixing holes).  Grilled base panel for cooling     

Arcade Joystick and Control Panel Flat Pack Kits (Raspberry

Pi / Jamma / Mame / PC)

Designed for Raspberry Pi / RetroPie / Mame  Price includes T-Slot (not shown)  Postage and packaging £5.99 Dimensions W: 580mm H: 115mm D: 260mm             
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